What is Cryptocurrency? Easy Explanation.

What is cryptocurrency?

In ancient times only physical currency existed for trade. However, today notes and coins are our fundamental currency, but we can not ignore the use of digital currency in many business areas.

There is additionally a currency, which is totally digital. This type of currency is called Cryptocurrency. What is Cryptocurrency? What’s more, how can it work? Likewise, what are its benefits and hindrances? Let’s explore this in detail.

What is Cryptocurrency? How does it work?

Today every nation has its own currency, for example, India has Rupee, America has Dollar. Likewise, different nations additionally have their own currency. In any case, the inquiry is, what is currency? So the appropriate response is, such a money framework, which is perceived by a nation and utilized as a vehicle of money by individuals there. Additionally, which has any worth, it is called currency. That is, in return for which anything or administration can be gotten, it is currency.

For instance, you can purchase products with 100 rupees notes. That is the reason it is currency. In any case, you can’t accept anything with the old Rs 1000 or Rs 500 notes. Since neither it is perceived by the public authority nor does it have any worth. That is the reason it’s anything but a currency. Currency is generally imprinted on bits of paper or metal (coins). That is the reason it is called Physical Currency. That is, it is feasible to contact it and haul it around in the tote. Yet, this isn’t the situation with Cryptocurrency.

History of Cryptocurrency

The first time the thought or term “cryptocurrency” was used was in 1998. That year, Wei Dai started to consider fostering another instalment strategy that utilized a cryptographic framework and whose primary trademark was decentralization.

In 2009, the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto an individual whose character is as yet secret, made the main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. He was not the main individual who concocted the plan to make it. The fundamental thought behind this currency was that – To make another method of payment that could be utilized globally, decentralized and without having any monetary authorities behind it.

People came to realize that there is another kind of money, which isn’t the traditional one, that you can likewise utilize and profit with it.

Value of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is overseen by a decentralized framework. In this, every exchange is checked by Digital Signature. What’s more, with the assistance of cryptography, its record is kept. At the end of the day, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency dependent on Blockchain Technology, which is gotten by Cryptography. It is practically difficult to duplicate.

Indeed, cryptocurrency is a distributed money framework based on a PC calculation. That is, it doesn’t exist genuinely. It stays online just as Digits. Furthermore, its greatest element is that it is totally Decentralized. That is, there is no control of any nation or government on it. That is the reason it was at first named as illicit. In any case, later taking into account the ubiquity of Bitcoin, numerous nations made it legitimate. Be that as it may, numerous nations are still against it.

Nonetheless, cryptocurrency isn’t imprinted as notes and coins. Yet at the same time, it has its own worth. That is, you can purchase merchandise with Cryptocurrency can exchange it. Furthermore, you can likewise contribute. In any case, you can’t keep it in your safe. Nor would it be able to be kept in the bank’s storage. Since it stays online as Digits. That is the reason it is likewise called Digital Money, Virtual Money and Electronic Money.

On the off chance that we talk about Cryptocurrency Value, its worth is significantly more than Physical Currencies. What’s more, the worth of some top cryptocurrencies is a large number of times more than the dollar. Yet, there is additionally a fact that this worth doesn’t stay steady. That is, the cryptocurrency market varies quick. Because of which its costs change a few times each day.

How does Cryptocurrency works?

Cryptocurrency really works through Blockchain. That is, a record of the exchange is kept in it. Additionally, it is observed by Powerful Computers, which is called Cryptocurrency Mining. Furthermore, by whom this mining is done, they are called diggers.

When there is an exchange in Cryptocurrency. So his data is recorded in the Blockchain. That is, it is kept in a square. Furthermore, crafted by security and encryption of this square is finished by the diggers. For this, they address a cryptographic riddle and track down the appropriate hash (a code) for the square.

At the point when an excavator gets the square by tracking down the right hash. Then, at that point, it is added to the Blockchain. What’s more, it is confirmed by different hubs (Computers) present in the organization. This cycle is called Consensus.

On the off chance that the square is affirmed to be secure in Consensus. What’s more, it is discovered to be right. So the excavator who gets it is given crypto coins. This is really a prize, which is called Proof of Work.

Cryptocurrency in Market

Cryptocurrency Market, that is, where the purchasing and exchanging of Cryptocurrencies happens. It is likewise known by names like Cryptocurrency Exchange, Digital Currency Exchange (DCE), Coin Market and Crypto Market. Here you can purchase, sell and contribute to any Cryptocurrency. For example, Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Redcoin, Litecoin, Voicecoin, SafeMoon and so on.

Cryptocurrency trades typically acknowledge instalment with Mastercard, wire move and other digital methods. Here you can change over Fiat Money (paper currency) to Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency to Fiat Money. In the event that we talk about Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges, the accompanying sites are noticeable in this rundown:-

These are only a couple of the Cryptocurrency Markets that check. About whom close individuals know. And furthermore use. Since these are very well known and dependable business sectors. Be that as it may, aside from these there are additionally many Cryptocurrency Markets. About which you can look on Google. Furthermore, you can get a rundown of all the cryptocurrency markets.

Cryptocurrency in India

In the event that we talk about Indian Cryptocurrency Markets, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, WazirX and Unocoin are the most famous Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India. With the assistance of which you can purchase many Crypto Coins from Bitcoin to Ethereum, XRP, YFI, YFII, Doge and Tron. What’s more, you can pay INR. WazirX is the most well known and confided in Cryptocurrency Exchange in India.

List of Cryptocurrency available globally


On hearing the name of the cryptocurrency, just one name rings a bell – BitCoin.

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, which has gotten so fruitful. It was made by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Today it is the most costly digital currency worldwide.


It is a decentralized open-source blockchain. Which is the second biggest Cryptocurrency on the planet by Cornmarket Cap. It was dispatched in 2015. Ethereum is the most effectively utilized Blockchain Network on the planet. It is otherwise called Ether.


Ripple is a Real-time Gross Settlement System and Blockchain Network. It was established in 2012 by the American organization Ripple Labs Inc. was made by. It is a well known Cryptocurrency Exchange.


Tether was dispatched in July 2014 under the name Real coin. However, on 20 November 2014, its name was changed to Tether. From that point forward it has been known as Tether. It is likewise called a stable coin. Since it was constantly intended to cost $1.00.


Litecoin is a distributed cryptocurrency. Which depends on an open-source cryptographical stage. It began in October 2011. Litecoin utilizes Scrypt rather than SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm) in its Proof of Work calculation. It additionally manages exchanges multiple times quicker than Bitcoin.


Monero is a Decentralized Open-source Cryptocurrency. Which essentially centres around Privacy and Decentralization. It is very popular for its security highlights. Yet, it is for the most part used to purchase illicit things on the Dark Web. That is, it is the most famous cryptocurrency of the Dark Web. It was dispatched in 2014.


Cosmos is an organization of Blockchain Networks. That is the Network of Blockchain Networks. It is additionally called the Internet of Blockchains. Since it attempts to interface Blockchain Networks and build up correspondence between them. Fundamentally the reason for Cosmos is to help in Communication, Data Sharing and Transactions between Blockchains. What’s more, for this, Cosmos has a long scope of items and apparatuses.


In the year 2012, Peercoin was launched. Peercoin is otherwise called PP Coin, P2P Coin, PPC and Peer to Peer Coin. It is a shared cryptocurrency. Which depends on the Bitcoin Framework. Be that as it may, its energy effectiveness is multiple times more than bitcoin. Additionally, Peercoin is the main such cryptocurrency. Which utilizes the mix of Proof of Work and Proof of Stack.


Namecoin is fundamentally founded on Bitcoin. What’s more, it utilizes the evidence of work calculation. Namecoin can store information in its Blockchain Transaction Database. Its greatest element is its Censorship-Resistant, which is .bit. Despite the fact that it is a high-level space like .com and .net. Yet, ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names And Numbers) has no power over it.


It is a cryptocurrency token made in March 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

SafeMoon Protocol is a decentralized money (DeFi) token. As per the SafeMoon site, SafeMoon has three capacities that occur during each exchange: Reflection, LP Acquisition and Burn.

In July 2021, 1 SAFEMOON = 0.000003 USD

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

With regards to the utilization of Cryptocurrency, the inquiry that certainly emerges in the psyche is the reason? Why use cryptocurrency all things considered? Why use cryptocurrency? All things considered, what are its advantages? So I might want to reveal to you that there are numerous advantages of cryptocurrencies. for example,

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. There is next to no extension for Fraud in this. Purchasing, selling and putting resources into cryptocurrencies is extremely simple. Since there are numerous Digital Wallets accessible for this. You don’t require a bank to exchange cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an awesome choice for speculation. Since its costs go up quick. No government authorities have control over Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a safe currency.

Drawbacks of Cryptocurrency

Everything has different sides. There are a few benefits and there are additionally a few detriments. Precisely the same thing applies to cryptocurrencies. That is, Cryptocurrency likewise has a few inconveniences. Tell us about the drawbacks of cryptocurrencies:-

The greatest drawback of cryptocurrency is that it’s anything but constrained by any power. That is, nobody can handle its costs. That is the reason its costs change startlingly. The subsequent detriment is that it is a digital currency. That is the reason it very well may be hacked. What’s more, this has effectively occurred with Ethereum. The third greatest impediment is the utilization of Illegal Activities. That is, cryptocurrencies can be utilized to purchase illicit weapons, sedate and take things. Additionally, cryptocurrencies have no actual presence. That is, it doesn’t have notes and coins.

Is Cryptocurrency legal?

Many nations have authorized Cryptocurrency. Be that as it may, it is still totally prohibited in so many countries and regions. In such a circumstance, the inquiry emerges that is Cryptocurrency legitimate in India? The answer is yes. In reality, cryptocurrency is currently totally lawful in India. What’s more, you can purchase and sell any Cryptocurrency.

Hope you know what Cryptocurrency is through this article? How does it work? What are the Top Cryptocurrencies?

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