Azure DevOps for beginners

In this blog, we will see about Microsoft Azure DevOps and we will see how to create Projects and Azure Boards in Azure DevOps. 

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a gradual process which enables continuous delivery to provide an end-to-end tool chain. DevOps starts with project planning and end with project deployment and monitoring.

Note: Azure DevOps is formerly known as Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS)

How to create Azure DevOps?

To create an Azure DevOps account.

  • Go to and click on start free.
  • Sign in with Microsoft account
  • Click on New Organization
  • Give a name to your Azure DevOps Organization
  • Select your region where you want to host your project

Next, we will create a Project.

Create a Project in Azure DevOps

To create a project in Azure DevOps, follow below steps –

  • Click on +Create Project button
  • In new window, give a name to your project and provide description of your project.
  • Select the visibility of your project – Public or Private
  • In Advance section, select Version control and Work item process for your project

What is Azure Boards?

After making the project, it is now the turn to make Azure Boards. Azure DevOps helps the team members to plan their work with the help of Azure Boards. Azure Boards is just like To-Do list.Actually, Azure Boards is a graphical presentation to track the work and plan it accordingly.

Create Azure Boards

  • From the left side menu, hover mouse on Broads and select Broads from sub-menu
    Azure DevOps
  • Click on + New Item
  • Type a name of task and press enter
  • Click on … and select open
    Azure DevOps
  • Type the description in the description box and click on Save and Close
    Azure DevOps
  • If you want to assign this task/ item to particular team member then you can do this.
    Azure DevOps
  • Similarly, you can create multiple items in Azure Boards, also you can drag-drop the items to set the order in which you are going to execute your project.


Now, we will define Sprint. Click on Sprints from left side menu. Click on Set dates (From upper left corner) and define Start and End Date.

Azure DevOps

Azure Pipelines

Azure pipelines helps in creating automation build, test and release. You can define a automatic build process whenever a team members make any changes and check-in the code. Azure Pipelines also, helps to run tests after a successful automatic build.
So, Azure Pipelines helps in build automation and to manage release.

Hope, you like this blog, we will see further details about Azure DevOps in upcoming blogs.

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