What is SEO? Basic SEO tips to boost your blog or website

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the full name says, it is a way to optimize to get more traffic on your blog or website.
Let’s understand SEO in depth.
Whenever you search something on Google, you see so many website in results. Have you ever thought why a particular website is at no.1 in search result or why selected websites are showing on first page. These all listing are based on Search Engine Optimization.

The more you optimize your blog or website the top you ranked in search result.
So, How to implement Search Engine Optimization on Blog or Website? In this article, we will explore the Basics of SEO which can help you to boost your Blog or website rank in Search engines.

In this article, I will write about SEO implementation, SEO Tips and Tricks which will help you to improve the ranking and if ranking is improved automatically you will get good traffic on your website or blog.

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks –

So here are few SEO Tips and Tricks which you can apply on your blog or website.

1. Set Proper and eye catching Title of Blog or Article – Your title appears in search engine result, so please use attractive and useful title so that user can click and come to your website.

2. Use Right Keyword – If you right a blog, article on a topic, make sure to use related keyword within your content at relevant place. For eg – If your blog topic is  – “How to implement SEO on your website?” then make sure SEO, SEO tips, SEO tricks, Website SEO, How to rank – these keywords should available in your content. Also, use your main keyword in your blog’s title.

3. Proper use of Heading tag – If you are little bit familiar with HTML tags, then you must have seen <h1>, <h2>, <h3> ….. These are heading tags in HTML.
Use of heading tags are very important. Make sure your title on blog or article appear within <h1> tag and other headline within that article should be within <h2> or <h3>
Try to avoid multiple <h1> within your content.

4. Optimization – If your website takes too much time to load then you are going to loose your website visitors and at the same time search engine will also penalize you for this. So, try to optimize your website to make it faster.
To optimize your website – Minify JavaScript files, minify Stylesheet files, use light weight images. Remove anything that slowdown your blog or website.

To check site load time you can use Google Page insight, pingdom , GTMetrix.

5. Alt and Title tag –  Use keywords in your images. If you have images within your content make sure to use of alt and title tag attribute on <img> tag. Alt and Title text should be relevant to the content.

6. Use meaningful URLS – Try to use short and meaningful urls of blog or article. For eg – If your blog is about SEO Tips and Tricks, then use “domainname/blog/seo-tips-and-tricks”

Don’t use id, query string or any kind of encrypted values within URLs, for this definitely you are not going to rank in search engine. Structured URL helps you to boost your page ranking in search engine.

7. No more 404 Pages – 404 or Page not found may decrease the ranking of your website. So, don’t use broken links on your website. All links should work fine.

8. Link Exchange – Go to internet and read other articles and blogs. Try to post your blog link on those site to get more visitors from that site too. You can do this by using link exchange.

9. Update Website Frequently – The more you update the content, the more benefit you get in search engine result. Websites with regular updates usually gets higher rank. So, keep updating your blog content or keep adding new articles on your website.

10. Use Google Analytics and Submit site for indexing – Make sure search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo crawls your site. So, go and add your site details on these search engine.

Apart from these top 10 SEO tips, use Sitemap xml file and submit it to search engine, use robots.txt file properly, do interlinking.

So, does it mean that If you will apply all these SEO tricks on your website, then your website will rank in a mere moment.

No, It takes some time to crawl your website again with fresh changes.
And remember, If you have low quality content then why would any search engine rank your website in top position even if you have optimized SEO perfectly. So make sure, your content is new, fresh and relevant to user coming to your blog or website. In this way, you can boost your SEO rank in search engine like Google.

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