All about Bulk SMS – Bulk SMS in Details

In this article, we will see What is a Bulk SMS Services in details and How Bulk SMS Services Works? After reading this article, you will be able to understand All about Bulk SMS services.

What is a Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS service is used to deliver a large number of SMS to mobile devices in parallel. Today all companies are using Bulk SMS Service for marketing, product promotion, information sharing. Banks are using Bulk SMS Service for transaction updates.

Why Bulk SMS Service?

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service, this is a shortest and convenient way to deliver your information to someone. In today’s digital era, everyone has a mobile device. So, it is very easy to send SMS to anyone even if their handset is switched off. It is the most easiest channel to interact with your customer.
Bulk SMS is also used for advertisement. It costs low while compare to other medium of advertisement.
You can deliver SMS to your client at any time from anywhere, you just need to connect with internet.

Types of Bulk SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS –

As the name says, it is all about the transaction you do on a website or App. For Eg. – Banking Alerts for Credit or Debit from customer’s Bank Account.
Online Shopping alerts for Order confirmation, Order Dispatch, Order Delivered etc.

Transactional SMS can be delivered on DnD registered numbers and there is no time boundary for it. Transactional SMS works 24×7.

To buy a Transactional Bulk SMS, SMS provider may ask you to present a valid Organizational proof like TIN or PAN Number, Letter Pad etc.

Generally, Transaction SMS have a predefined layout.
A layout can be like – Dear Customer, Your Order Number #XXXXXX will be delivered on Date – XX-XX-XXXX. Thanks.

Or –

Dear Customer, Your A/C No. XXXXXX is Credited with Amount – XXXX.XX.

Promotional Bulk SMS –

It is a general kind of SMS that is use to deliver to a mass number of users. Promotional SMS is mainly for advertisement, group information, political campaigning, Sales Promotion etc.
There are few restrictions with Promotional SMS.

1. Time – Promotional SMS can be delivered within a pre-defined time. For eg. From Morning 9 AM to 9 PM or Morning 8 AM to 8 PM. Beyond this time Promotional SMS will not be delivered.

2. DnD Numbers – Promotional SMS will be delivered only on Non-DnD registered mobile numbers.

Any Individual or Organization can buy a Promotional SMS to Promote or Advertise their product.

How to Start using Bulk SMS Service?

As you are now aware that, Bulk SMS is a great and cost effective way to interact with your users or customers.
You just need to search for a Bulk SMS provider, it is easy to find it with the help of Google search engine and their ratings and reviews details.
So, your first step is to find the best Bulk SMS provider. Next, Open an account by providing your basic details like Name, Mobile, Email
Then you can purchase an amount of SMS like 10K, 50K, 1 Lac, 5 Lac SMS. SMS provider calls it SMS Credits.
Once you buy SMS credits, you can start sending SMS to your users.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

If you are a developer, you can use SMS API. All the Bulk SMS provider provides API integration facility to its customer.
One of the most useful feature of Bulk SMS is to schedule the SMS for a future time.
For Eg. – You can set a New Year greetings message for your customers.

From Where I Can buy Bulk SMS Services?

You can purchase Bulk SMS Service from any provider. All the SMS providers have their own benefits. Few are too good and few are not good up to the level.

So, make sure you purchase the best Bulk SMS Service to deliver SMS on time with maximum success ratio.

So, that’s all about the Bulk SMS services. Hope you like this article.

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