SharePoint 2013 central admin app pool keeps stopping

Hi All, after a few days of gaps I am writing blog on SharePoint 2013. In past few days, I was busy writing about ASP.Net Web API and MVC. One of my blog Important .NET Web API interview questions and answers is favorite among the readers.
In this blog, I will try to solve an issue which I faced recently in SharePoint 2013.

Issue – SharePoint 2013 central admin app pool keeps stopping
Whenever I was opening Central Admin in browser it was showing “Service Unavailable” error.
So I thought to check App Pool in IIS and yes as expected App Pool was stopped. So as usual, I restarted the App Pool and open Central Admin again, but it throws same error “Service Unavailable” and App Pool was stopped again.

How to resolve this error?

After few times I realized that recently I changed my Administrator password and due to this whenever I was accessing Central Admin, the App Pool gets stopped.

To resolve this issue you must change the password for App Pool identity.

Follow below screen shots to do this –



Click on “Set…”


If you change your administrator password , then you may also face problem in creating new Web Application.

Error- “The password supplied with the username was not correct ”

To resolve this error –

Run “Set-SPManagedAccount -UseExistingPassword”

Provide identity and Password when prompts on screen.

Now you can create new web applications in SharePoint 2013 Central Admin.

Hope you like this blog.

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