All about Managed Metadata Services in SharePoint 2010

What is Metadata?

Metadata is data about data i.e. information about some object.
Managed Metadata Service is a feature of enterprise content management.
Managed metadata allows same content type to be used across multiple site collection,
this is called content type hub.

It helps to make search more easy and friendly.
For eg -
There could be multiple search term for the same result.
1. Capital of India
2. New Delhi
3. Delhi
4. capital city of India
5. which city is capital of India
Term - is a word or phrase can be associated with an item in SharePoint.
Term set - collection of related terms.
Term set - collection of related terms.

2 types of Term Set

Local Term Set - available for current site collection only.
Global Term Set - available globally

Terms can be divided into 2 types-

Managed terms- Commonly known as Taxonomy, which are predefined.
Enterprise Terms- Commonly known as Folksonomy, added by end user.

Difference between keywords and terms.

Both are used to enhance the search and make SharePoint search user friendly.
But there are differences, one major difference is term is associated with a column and visible in list item, while keyword is not visible in list.
Term and be grouped which is called term set, but keyword does not have this facility.