All about SharePoint 2010 Content Type Hub

Content type hub is a new feature which comes with Managed Meta Data Service in SharePoint 2010. I have worked with SharePoint 2007 and i know that there is a problem for creating an enterprise library and sharing them across the site collections. There were no out-of-box solution to share content type which is created under a single site collection.
New Managed Meta Data Service in SharePoint 2010 has overcome this problem. Using this new feature a content type which is created under a single site collection can be shared across multiple site collections.

1. So lets start content type hub by creating a site collection.

2.After creating site collection, go to Site Actions->Site Settings->Site Collection Feature (Under Site    Collection Administration)

3.Now go to Service Application in Central Admin. Select ManagedMetaData and click on Properties   in top ribbon. Enter the url of site collection you created in step 1.(enter url in below field)

4. Now select Managed Metadata Service Connection and click on properties, and make sure first 2      options are unchecked and last 2 should be checked, as per below screen.

5. Create a new Content Type with name "Legal Doc". Go To setting of Site Content Type as shown    in below screen.

6. Click on "Manage publishing for this content type"

7. Select Publish  and click on ok.

8. Now create a document library in any site collection and got to settings. 
9. Click on Advanced settings under General settings, and select Yes for "Allow management of    content types?"

10. Now again go to settings page of document library.
11. Click on add from existing site content types. As shown in below screen.

12. Select newly created content type from dropdown and add.

13. Now this is important. There are 2 timer jobs which are associated with Content Type Hub. Please go to central admin->Monitoring->Timer Jobs->Review job definitions and then run 2 jobs mentioned below.

  • Content Type Hub
  • Content Type Subscriber 

14. Now go to document library and click on new document (refer below screen shot.)

So content type hub allow us to share the content type across site collection. This is a powerful feature comes with Managed MetaData Service in SharePoint 2010.

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