Timer job in SharePoint 2010. How to create a timer job?

What is Timer Job in SharePoint? Timer Jobs are background processes that are managed by SharePoint. A timer job runs on a periodic basis defined in central admin. A timer job runs periodically, can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly. Ex: User profile sync, Search Indexing The timer job is a class which implements the SPJobDefinition … Read more

Gridview row edit, delete and update code in asp.net

As Gridview is a data source control which binds data from backend sql server or any other database table. Here is the code which implements edit, delete and update functionality in a single Gridview. Gridview Edit,Update and Delete functionality code: ASPX Code: <asp:GridView ID=”gvDetails” DataKeyNames=”id” runat=”server” AutoGenerateColumns=”false”                  … Read more

Object initializers and Collection initializers in asp.net ?

Object initializer in asp.net, C#.net 4.0 features. Object initializers is one of the most important feature of C # 3.0.What is Object initializers?Using Object initializers we can initialize a object of that type without explicitly invoking the constructor of that particular type. Object initializers:I will explain this with a piece of code:class Student{    public … Read more

What is Nullable types in C#

What is nullable type in C# code? Please explain with an example. Nullable types were introduced in C# 2.0.Nullable types are instances of the System.Nullable<T> struct. A nullable type can represent the range of values for its underlying data type, also an additional null value. For example, a Nullable<Int32>, pronounced “Nullable of Int32,” can be … Read more