Introduction to Linq to SharePoint

Introduction to Linq to SharePoint LINQ is a way to access external data sources.SharePoint Foundation 2010 comes with its own LINQ to SharePoint provider.The namespace which contains the provider is Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.dll. LINQ provides strongly typed classes, this is an advantage of LINQ over CAML query.Another advantage of LINQ is that Visual Studio provides IntelliSense to … Read more

Is it important to dispose an object in SharePoint ?

SharePoint foundation 2010 and SharePoint server 2010 object model contain objects that implement the IDisposable interface. Object disposal is very important in SharePoint. What is Disposing Object? Sharepoint foundation 2010 and sharepoint server 2010 object model contain objects that implement the IDisposable interface.You should explicitly dispose those sharepoint objects that implements IDisposable when you are … Read more

C# code to create, update and delete SharePoint List items

In this blog, we will perform Create, Update and Delete on SharePoint list items using C# code. You may be interested in reading some of the important blogs – CAML Query in SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 Tutorial, SharePoint 2013 important interview questions. SharePoint List SharePoint List is similar to a table in SQL database and contains … Read more

CAML Query Tutorial for SharePoint 2013 and 2010 – A Complete tutorial guide

CAML Query is one of the most important topics in SharePoint. CAML Query is the way for querying items from SharePoint objects like List and Library. This blog is helpful in SharePoint 2010 development as well as in SharePoint 2013 development. CAML Query tutorial for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010 In this blog, I will … Read more

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management

What is Enterprise Content Management? Enterprise Content Management can refer to all kinds of sources, including electronic documents, scanned images, e-mail, and web pages. What is Content Type Syndication The act of sharing a site collection’s content types with other site collections in the farm is referredto as content type syndication. Content type syndication enables … Read more

Working with BCS and External List in SharePoint 2010

In this blog, I will explain about BCS (Business Connectivity Services) and how we can implement BCS in SharePoint 2010. What is BCS? BCS stands for Business Connectivity Services. 1.Create a table in SQL.2.Open SharePoint designer. From the navigation pane select “External Content Types”.3.From the New tab in top ribbon click on “External Content Type”. … Read more