Java Script Array

The Array object gives you store numerous qualities access a single variable. It stores a fixed-size consecutive assortment of components of a similar type. An array is utilized to store an assortment of data, however it is in many cases more helpful to consider an array an assortment of variables of a similar type.

Use the following syntax to create an Array object in Java Script −

var products = [ "mobile", "tv", "laptop" ];

The Array parameter is a list of strings or numbers. At the point when you indicate a solitary numeric boundary with the Array constructor, you determine the underlying length of the array. The most extreme length took into consideration an array is 4,294,967,295.

You may access items from above array using below syntax –

products[0] is the first element
products[1] is the second element
products[2] is the third element

Java Script Array Properties

  • index – The property addresses the zero-based index of the match in the string
  • length – Reflects the quantity of components in an array.
  • prototype-The prototype property permits you to add properties and techniques to an article.

Java Script Method

  • concat() – Here is a rundown of the techniques for the Array object alongside their depiction.
  • filter() – Creates another cluster with every one of the components of this exhibit for which the gave filtering capability brings valid back.
  • forEach() – Calls a capability for every component in the exhibit.
  • indexOf() – Returns the first (least) record of a component inside the cluster equivalent to the predefined esteem, or – 1 assuming none is found.
  • map() – Creates another exhibit with the consequences of calling a gave capability on each component in this cluster.
  • pop() – Creates another cluster with the consequences of calling a gave capability on each component in this exhibit.
  • push() – Adds at least one components to the furthest limit of an exhibit and returns the new length of the cluster.
  • reverse() – Reverses the request for the components of an exhibit – – the first turns into the last, and the last turns into the first.
  • sort() – Sorts the components of an exhibit
  • splice() – Adds and additionally eliminates components from a cluster.

JavaScript new Array()

JavaScript has a built in array constructor new Array().
These two different statements both create a new empty array named points:
const points = new Array();
const points = [];

How to Recognize an Array

To recognize an Array ECMAScript 5 has defined a new method Array.isArray():


If products variable is an Array then it will return true else false.

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