Cyber Security – Definition, Types, Benefits and More

Cyber ​​security, this word you must have heard a lot in recent times. The global cyber threat continues to evolve at a lightning speed, with a rising number of data breaches every year. In this blog, we will learn about cyber security and things related to it.

Today, computers and the internet are being used in every field. Each and every work is being done through the internet, whether it is shopping, ticket booking, or any kind of financial transaction using a credit card. Here, we are exchanging data in some way on the internet. 
  • What is Cyber Security?
  • Why do we need cyber security?
  • What is cyber crime?
  • What are the types of Cyber Security?
  • What are the types of Cyber Attacks?
  • What are the ways to protect against cyber attack?
  • Tasks of cyber security experts?
  • What are the employment opportunities in the field of cyber security?
Interesting thought for you - 
  • Do you know how many people among your friends or relatives work in the field of cyber security?
  • Do you know if your friends or relatives have ever been victim of cyber fraud or attack?

Cyber Security Definition

Cyber security is used to protect internet users from cyber crime. It is a type of security that protects the internet connected devices such as mobiles, laptops, computers. The main objective of cyber security is to keep the information of people on the internet confidential.
A campaign is launched in the month of October every year to inform the importance of cyber security, this campaign is internationally recognized.

It is made up of two words, first is cyber and second is security.

All those things which are related to the internet or network, we call them cyber. And the security of the device connected to the internet or network is called cyber security.

Why do we need cyber security?

As the use of the internet is increasing rapidly, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the user on the internet. Everyday the number of people who are victims of online fraud, hacking and virus attacks is increasing. 

Every day we all do some activity on the Internet, and somewhere we also use our confidential data, and files using a computer system or any hand held device which is a very big risk. A hacker can steal our data or someone can tamper with it, due to which we may have to suffer a lot of damage. Cyber ​​Security protects us from these digital losses.

To avoid data loss, security breaches, and data breaches, security of our devices is the need for today’s era.

What is Cyber Crime?

Committing a crime or causing any harm through the internet falls under the category of cyber crime. 

This harm could be in any form such as loss of personal information, sensitive information etc.

Whenever you use the internet, you exchange some data. Whether you do a transaction related to banking, or send an email to someone, or store any of your Confidential File on the internet. In all these tasks there is a risk of hackers, hackers can steal your file, or delete that file, steal your banking credentials.

Types of Cyber Security –

  • Network Security – A process to protect your network from unwanted user access, and intrusions.
  • Information/ Data Security – Protecting Information or Data is the key of Cyber Security.
  • Application Security – An application must ensure that these are safe from outside attacks.
  • Cloud Security – Today everything is stored digitally over cloud. Cloud security is mainly about focusing on data protection, endpoint security, and information available in Cloud.
  • Mobile Security – Mobile phones and any other handheld device involve many types of security challenge in themselves. So, keeping mobile phones and tablets free of threats is very important.

There is a law related to cyber security in every country of the world, whose aim is to clamp down on internet related crimes. Hope you have got a good idea about cyber security. Now let us now know what are the types of cyber attacks.

Types of Cyber Attacks

  • Malware – It includes Virus, Trojans, and Botnets
  • Hacking – Hackers may grab your personal or sensitive data which may harm you badly.
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing Email – In this, Cyber ​​Criminals target the user through emails, the Victims are shown to have breathtaking and attractive things so that the users get caught.

Tips to protect yourself against Cyber Attacks

Let us finally have some tips for you, through which you can protect yourself from cyber crime.

  • Change your password from time to time
  • Use anti-virus
  • Do not keep any simple password
  • Do not click on any suspicious link on the internet.
  • Do not conduct banking transactions on any kind of suspicious website.
  • Do not open attachments from unknown senders.
  • Do not connect to an open/ unsecure WiFi in public places.

Cyber Security Expert and their tasks

By now you must have had a good knowledge about cyber security and cyber attack.

So the question is, who provides cyber security to us, then the answer is cyber security experts.

Who are the cyber security experts, and what are their functions, let’s know about this. These experts play an important role in providing security of our personal data or sensitive data. They secure the complete information system to avoid any unauthorized access. They help us to secure our networks and data.

Monitoring the system, network or application, finding the loopholes in them for security and providing cyber security by removing those flaws is the job of cyber security experts. Cyber ​​security experts use different types of hardware and software to provide security.

Employment opportunities for Cyber Experts

There is a lot of opportunity in the field of cyber security in terms of employment. Today, cyber security experts have become a very high salaried job profile. You can take offline or online training to become a cyber security expert.

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