Microsoft to end web browser by 2021

Microsoft will shut down its web browser Internet Explorer by 2021. This web browser could not stand in front of today’s modern and advance browser, as a result only few percent of people use it today.

Now the company has decided to discontinue it. Many of us will be here who have done most of the work on Internet Explorer.

When it was launched, fewer people had internet. Microsoft released Internet Explorer on August 16, 1995. After the introduction of this browser, it became easier for people to work on the website. Due to which its popularity increased among the people.

Below is a screen shot from Google Analytics of my blog. You can see from which browser the website visitors are coming.

(This is based on the last 2 months of data)

You know Microsoft’s Internet Explorer already comes installed on all computers and laptops in the world. But Chrome and Mozilla Firefox constantly updated themselves. Chrome and Firefox have many extensions that appeal to the users.

So no web browser will be available with Windows operating system?

Sure will get.

Microsoft has released a preview of the Chromium-based Edge browser in January 2020, which will be released to everyone in May 2021. The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser supports Windows and MacOS. You can replace the legacy version of internet explorer by downloading it. The company has made big claims regarding its speed and performance.

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