5 Essential Points to Become a skilled Full Stack Developer

In this blog, we will look into the details about full stack developer and also some tips that will help how to become a skilled full stack developer.

After all, what is this full stack developer? What do these full stack developers do?
Is this for a different programming language? Or is this full stack developer for any programming language?
Let’s clear this doubt now and move forward.

What is a full stack developer?

Full Stack Developer – This has become a topic of discussion for developers today.
A full stack developer is a developer who is technically proficient in both client side coding and server side coding.
This means that if a developer is good in HTML, CSS, as well as client side scripting such as Java Script, Angular, and who has mastered server side coding like PHP, ASP.Net, Node or Python they are called a full stack developer.
Hopefully, you would not have had any problem in understanding this, let us now know what are the ways or tips to become a successful full stack developer.

5 Points to become a skilled Full Stack Developer

Q. Does it mean that, to become a full stack developer, one should have knowledge of all client side technology and server side technology ?
No, Not at all. Be happy now !
So let’s know what are the technical features to become a skilled full stack developer.

1. Understand Core business for better project path

To become an efficient full stack developer it is necessary to understand the core business, because if the business understanding is good then the prototype of the project will also be correct and the development phase can be made easier. This is the foundation of a skilled full stack developer.

2. Specialization in Front-end technology

It would not be right to call a front developer a full stack developer, as long as he is not fully involved till the project deployment phase. But yes, to become a full stack developer, knowledge of front end technology is necessary.
So, which front end technology is necessary for a full stack developer?
It depends on what kind of application you are developing.
Nevertheless, below are the names of some front end technologies, which you can choose according to your project or application.
  • Java Script
  • ES5
  • JQuery
  • Angular
  • React
  • Backbone.js

3. Knowledge of Server side programming

Without server side technology, a full stack developer cannot be imagined. So you must also have knowledge of server side technology.
But which server technology knowledge is required.
There are many server side technologies like –
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Java
  • Node.js

4. HTML and CSS

Although HTML and CSS are the part of client side technology only, but they are different from the rest of the client side technology.
HTML is the base of any web application.
You cannot even imagine a web application without HTML and CSS.
HTML gives you a basic skeleton and CSS works to streamline them to give a perfect look.

5. Database

It is also important to understand the database to be an efficient full stack developer.
Database means, where we store data, whether it is through user input form or through an API.
Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB are there to help you on this. You can choose any of them.
So these are the 5 points that help you to become a capable full stack developer.
So it is not necessary that you should have expertise in all the front end and back end technologies given above.  
You can become a successful full stack developer by adding front end and back end technology according to your project or interest.
Currently, some of the main stacks in the industry are as follows.

MEAN Stack 

M= MongoDB , E= Express, A= Angular/AngularJS, N= Node.js

MERN Stack 

M= MongoDB , E= Express, R= React, N= Node.js

LAMP Stack

L= Linux, A= Apache Server, M= MySql, P= PHP

Django Stack

Python, Django, MySql

Ruby on Rails

Ruby, SQLLite, Rails


In simple terms, a full stack developer is a developer who is directly involved from the project analysis to the stage of project deployment with an expertise of front end and back-end technologies. Also, good communication skills and creativity will make you easier to become a skilled full stack developer.
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