Transforming Your Data Management Strategy: Top 10 Benefits of Storing Data in the Cloud

Today “Cloud Computing” is accelerating like a rocket in IT industry. You can say that it is Cloud era and will continue for many years.

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Here I will write about “Benefits of storing data in Cloud” or Why Cloud is the most suitable choice for storing data?

We are into the digital world and Cloud Computing is playing a vital role. Today, almost everyone is using smartphone having an internet connection on the phone. In this case, directly or indirectly we are storing our data in Cloud. How?

If you are using Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other online storage these all are the example of Cloud Storage. Doesn’t matter which device you use your data is same and only you can access by using your credentials.

Before Cloud, there was the only way to store data which offline. Means if you wish to access data at multiple locations you need copies of data to access it. Pen drive, compact disk (CD), Hard Disk these were the medium to store data but that was painful. Why?

Suppose you have stored an important document in office desktop and you have to work on the same document from home or from client location, then only way was to copy data into a portable storage like External Disk and carry them with you. Don’t you think it is a horrible task?

Now think, your document is stored at a place somewhere on the internet and you need a login credential to access your document from any corner of the world. This is what Cloud is offering to us. Let’s see benefits of storing data in Cloud.

10 Benefits of Storing Data in Cloud

Cloud Storage comes with various features like unlimited storage, collaboration tools, data safety and security and many more. Let’s explore one by one below.

1. Usability

Storing data in the cloud does not need a technical knowledge. A basic computer or internet surfing knowledge is sufficient to perform this task.

2. Accessibility

One your data is in Cloud now its time to access those for your use. This is the main benefit of “Storing Data in Cloud“, users can access Cloud Storage remotely which requires an internet connection. You can access your data in the cloud from anywhere, you just need an internet connection, log in to cloud using your credential and that it. You can access your data in Cloud on Mobile, Laptop or Desktop. That is one of the biggest advantages of storing data in Cloud. But with local storage, you can access your data at the certain location only.

3. Data Backup and Recovery

Data is very important for any business, if you lose your data you might lose your customer or it may hurt your business financially. Cloud providers offer you numerous plan for data storage with backup plan Go for it and forget about losing a single document that you stored in Cloud. You can retrieve your data any time. It helps in disaster recovery as well.

4. Security

No one can access your data in cloud unless you allow them to access. Data in Cloud is safe and secure. Automated backup makes your data access anytime, anywhere.

5. Cost Efficiency

In case of money, the cloud always gets cheaper than physical server storage. Means you can easily afford Cloud Storage for your business. When you store data in the cloud, you can save the budget of the external hard disk, physical server space. So, it is always a good choice to store data in Cloud.

6. Ease of Sharing

As you know, Cloud stores data somewhere on the server which is accessible over internet. So, sharing data from internet is always easy, you just need an internet connection to share data with your client, friends, colleagues. Instead of sending large files to individual or groups you can share the URL so that they can access data using that URL.

7. Ease of Scaling

You don’t need to worry about disk space when you are storing your data in Cloud. Every Cloud providers offer easy scaling based on your request. So, put whatever amount you want to store in Cloud using its flexible scaling feature.

8. Collaboration

Cloud storage is perfect for collaboration. Put your data in Cloud and allow a group of people or a team to access the same data.

9. Synchronization

I think this is one of the greatest benefit of Cloud storage. With Cloud storage, accessing a file or any data is easy. You can access your cloud storage in similar fashion on laptop, desktop, smartphone, your data will be in sync. Moreover, latest version of a file is always available for you in Cloud.  This is not possible in physical storage case. So, no need to transfer your file from one place to another place, if you are storing data in Cloud.

10. Tension-free On-premise Storage

The final benefits of Cloud Storage is less burden of on-premise storage. Connect your local servers with Cloud storage and give access to concern individuals or team. After moving to Cloud no need to move data from one server to another or one place to another, just access Cloud from on-premise and forget about data backup, recovery, data safety which you were doing before Cloud.


So, let’s summarise the benefits of Cloud Storage in 2 lines.
Access data from anywhere, get more space at low cost, get more security for your storage, sync your data for multiple users across the globe.

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