Master Page and Branding in SharePoint 2010

MasterPage and Branding in SharePoint 

What is branding? – Branding means to design or recreate a page for a site which may use SharePoint Master Page.

What is Master Page? – Master  Page gives a consistent layout through out the site. For eg – Header, Footer, Top Menu

Why We need to do Branding ? – Branding SharePoint will create a positive impression on end users, which may attract users to the site/application. And everybody knows more users intend to more business. Branding could be easy or complex, it depends on business requirement.

What are Master Pages available in SharePoint 2010?

Simple.Master – This master page is being used by many pages in SharePoint 2010. There are certain pages in SharePoint which need to display message to users. For these type of pages simple.master page is used.

Below are the list of pages which uses simple.master

  • Login.aspx
  • Signout.aspx
  • Error.aspx
  • Confirmation.aspx
  • AccessDenied.aspx

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