The method "GetItems" of the type "List" with id "{Guid}" is blocked by the administrator on the server.

I was working on SharePoint Client Context, and i was writing a piece of code to fetch items from SharePoint list.

I got this error at this line:

I solved this issue by executing powershell command.
Open SharePoint Powershell  and type below command one by one.

  • $webapp = Get-SPWebApplication "http://spserver"
  • $webapp.ClientCallableSettings.AnonymousRestrictedTypes.Remove([microsoft.sharepoint.splist], "GetItems")
  • $webapp.Update()
Open SharePoint Powershell  and type below command one by one.Now run your code, you can now access SharePoint List Data.

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  1. I was stuck in my project due to this error. Thank you for writing this blog.

  2. Nice blog- sharepoint cafe

  3. it saves a lot of time for me.
    Thank you very much.


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