What is AMP HTML?

In today's digital world everybody is looking for a quicker response from serving side. A web page serves content over the internet for users.  A faster web page response will make readers happy. In the same context organization like Google working to give the fast outcome.

AMP HTML is an open source which gives you high performance across devices. Google search results display AMP icon 

Remember, for a website Content is the King and User Experience is the Queen.
So if your website is rich in content it should rich in user experience as well and here AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) comes into the picture.

To use AMP HTML, you must assure that you are using Structured Data. To validate you may use Structure Data Testing Tool, or you may check in Google Search Console.

Myth - AMP HTML is a new HTML
Truth - Normal HTML with custom AMP properties.

Most of the tags will be similar to normal HTML, and few tags will start with "amp" keyword.
For eg -
Note: Only valid AMP HTML files will be displayed in Google search result.

It requires three components:
  • AMP HTML - Restricted and structured HTML
  • AMP JS - Ensures the fast rendering of AMP pages
  • AMP CDN - Delivers the AMP pages quickly

AMP help us to load web pages quickly by loading required content first and then load third party libraries, which gives a smooth user experience.

Who can use AMP HTML pages? or What kind of website is suitable to use AMP HTML?
There is no any hard and fast rule to use AMP HTML, any website can have AMP HTML.

So what if, if you are already using a custom HTML page.

1. Either you update your existing HTML with AMP defined tags/properties.
2. Create new AMP HTML and add a canonical URL in old HTML page pointing to this new AMP HTML.

Will continue few more blogs on AMP HTML............
Happy Coding....Happy Learning......

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