What is Service Oriented Architecture?

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a style to design software system where 2 or more component communicate with each other over a network through a defined protocol.

Advantages of SOA architecture.

Loosely Couple - A component in SOA architecture must be loosely coupled. One service does not require to know the technical and platform details about another service.

Reusable Component - In SOA all components are are reusable.

Lets understand SOA by below diagram.

SOA Architecture

In above picture you can see that Business Logic and Data Layer are hosted at some other server which is communication with Database.
Now any type of application whether it is ASP.Net, Java or PHP can communicate with hosted service.

Only UI need to develop for all device/platform and no Business Logic and Data Layer code require at client side.

For example Apple (IOS) application wants to utilize an application X and the Business Logic and Data Layer of that application is hosted at some server. In this case IOS developer need to work on UI layer only.

So, you can say that SOA is an architectural style to design distributed system.



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