How to Enable HTTPS for ASP.Net Web API?

In this blog, we will see how to enable a Web API service to the server over HTTPS only and not on HTTP.
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As you know ASP.Net Web API runs over HTTP protocol. Suppose you want to serve your Web API to be accessible only over secure HTTP i.e. HTTPS and not over HTTP.

To enable HTTPS for ASP.Net Web API, add a class in your project and inherit this class from AuthorizationFilterAttribute.

In my case, I have created a class HTTPSAttribute

public class HTTPSAttribute:AuthorizationFilterAttribute
        public override void OnAuthorization(HttpActionContext actionContext)
            if(actionContext.Request.RequestUri.Scheme != Uri.UriSchemeHttps)
                actionContext.Response = actionContext.Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.Found);
                actionContext.Response.Content = new StringContent(“<p>Use HTTPS only</p>”);

Now go to your Web API Controller and add this class as an Attribute to the controller or to a specific action in that controller.

Attribute applied to the controller.

Attribute applied to an action method

        // GET: api/ProductMasters
        public IQueryable<ProductMaster> GetProductMasters()
            return db.ProductMasters;

Now if you will request your Web API service over HTTP, you will get this message.

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