WCF Service Tutorial in C#

Welcome to WCF Tutorial. A beginner's tutorial to understand WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).
WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation and is a great technology to learn and develop a distributed application.Learn WCF in C#, step by step basic concepts of WCF Service. This WCF tutorial is mainly for beginners. A comprehensive list of WCF tutorial in C# is available here. 
WCF is mainly used for developing the distributed system.

Advantages of using WCF

1. Interoperability
2. Scalability
3. Enhance security and reliability compare to ASMX (Web services)

Below are the topics which are important in WCF Services for beginners and for experience as well.

Here is the collection of a wide range of topics in WCF Services. This WCF Service tutorial includes Sample Code in C#, Configuration Steps, Videos, and theory.

Step by Step WCF Service Tutorial for Beginners