Python Tutorial

Python is a powerful programming language and a buzzword in today’s programming world. Python was introduced by Guido Van Rossum. 
Python is so easy to learn that a kid who understand English well can write programs in Python after little guidance. File extension for Python programming language is .py

Welcome to Python Tutorial-

This Python tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn Python from the very beginning.
If you are a fresher or experienced programmer and wish to learn Python, this is the right blog for you.
I am working on Microsoft Technologies for last 8 years and found Python very interesting. So, started learning and writing blogs on Python. Believe me guys Python is very easy to learn.
For this Python tutorial, I have taken only a few selected topics and hope you will get help from this.. By following this tutorial step by step, you will get a good understanding in Python programming language.
To become an expert in Python, you must keep doing practice regularly.

About Python Programming Language -

The first topic for Python tutorial is what is a Python programming language.
Python is an easy, high-level and object-oriented scripting language. Python uses general English language words, this is the reason Python is easy and popular.

Python can be used to develop numerous kind of application. One can develop a web application, windows based application, One can develop application related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Python is a platform independent programming language i.e. Python can work on Windows, Mac, Linux etc.