Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing - Learn about Microsoft Azure Cloud

In last few years you may all must have come across the word Cloud Computing. Nowadays Cloud Computing is one of the emerging technology in IT industry.
Cloud Computing is an internet-based computing using which you can avail on-demand resources over the internet. From Application to Data Centers, from Storage to Database everything is available over internet on-demand. This is the core of Cloud Computing. An end user doesn't need to worry about physical infrastructure.

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532)

This section contains the list of topics which is useful in preparing "Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532)" exam.
This is not the complete list, but yes it will help you in clearing 70-532.
Before starting below topics, if you are new to Cloud Computing, I would suggest you read topics which will give you a better understanding about Azure Cloud, for this you can scroll up to this page to view the list.

  • Hosting a website in Azure Cloud
  • Configure website in Azure Cloud
  • Configure SSL Binding in Azure
  • Configure Alert
  • Configure Traffic Manager
  • Deploy workloads on VMs in Azure Cloud
  • Configure DNS in Azure
  • Configure Firewalls
  • Scaling UP and Scaling DOWN VM size
  • Configure VM Storage
  • Configure Auto-Scale
  • Understand Deployment and Continuous Delivery
  • Understanding Blob Storage in Azure Cloud
  • Understand and Configure Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing Redis Cache