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ASP.Net Core CRUD example using ADO.Net

In this blog, I am going to create a web application in ASP.Net Core to demonstrate CRUD operations using ADO.Net.

Exception Handling in Python

In this blog, we will see how to handle exceptions in Python application. If you are new to Python, please read my previous blog - Introduction to Python Programming

How to manage SQL Database Connection string in .Net Core?

A database connection string is a very basic task for a developer who is working on ASP.Net. But defining a database connection string in .Net Core and reading back into C# code is a little different than the traditional ASP.Net framework.

ASP.Net Core Razor Pages handler methods

In this blog, we will see Razor Pages Handler's methods in detail. Also, we will explore how handler methods invoked in Razor pages based on user action.

Razor Pages vs MVC - Which one is better for your project ?

Before ASP.Net Core 2.0 we had MVC option to develop a web application. After the release of .Net Core 2.0, a developer has one more option to create a Web Application in .Net Core that is called .Net Core Razor pages.

Configure and Host ASP.Net Core Application on IIS

In this blog, we will see how to host an ASP.Net Core application on IIS server.  Hosting ASP.Net Core app on IIS is a little bit different than hosting a traditional ASP.Net web application. If you are new to ASP.Net core, you may read this blog - ASP.Net Core Blog