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MicroService Architecture in details

Microservice architecture is a self-contain process which offers unique business capabilities. Micro Services makes complex and large application deployment process easier. But, before describing Microservice architecture in details we should first understand distributed technologies we already have in the industry. 

Microsoft SharePoint 2019, Office 2019 Release Date and related things to know

Hello Everyone, Microsoft's another big release of office is Comming Soon i.e. Office 2019 with SharePoint 2019. Microsoft's current Office version is 2016 and now they are releasing Office 2019.

SharePoint 2013 Server Object Model (SOM) Programming - SharePoint 2013 Tutorial

SharePoint Server Object Model Programming allows you to write code and communicates with SharePoint objects if you are inside the SharePoint context. It provides a set of classes which is executed at the server-side. Server Object Model Programming is the same in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

How to debug Production Apps in Azure

Hello Everyone, This is my another blog related to Microsoft Azure. Before reading this blog, I would request you to explore my earlier blogs on Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure . In this blog, I will write about how to debug production Apps in Azure.

What's new in C# 6.0 language?

C# 6.0 is an another version of C#  programming language released in the year 2015. C# 6 provides numerous new features which helps developer to write C# code in more clean and optimized way.

Routing in ASP.Net Web API

In this blog, we will see about Routing system in ASP.Net Web API. Routing is one of the important section in ASP.Net Web API.

How to create WCF RESTful Service.

In my earlier blog, I have explained about REST and SOAP . In this blog, I will continue WCF tutorial sections. See a list of topic in WCF tutorial here . REST is the short form of Representational State Transfer. REST says each resource should be accessed by URI.

What is SharePoint Online ? Let's Explore

Hello, everyone, this is my very first interaction with the Online version of SharePoint. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based SharePoint given by Microsoft. With SharePoint Online one can access sites, documents and other data from anywhere, any device. You may also like  SharePoint 2019 Release Date

What is Azure Cognitive Service? Complete understanding with Face API example.

In an earlier blog, you have read about Microsoft Azure . In this blog, you will come to know about Azure Cognitive Service in details.