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How to call ASP.Net web method using JQuery AJAX

In normal ASP.NET web forms, if you want to send any data to server your web page will be refreshed i.e. will do a postback. In some case, if you want to send data to the server without using any post back then in this case you have to use a web method at server side and that will be called from JQuery side.

Java Script Code to detect browser and apply CSS property

How to detect browser using Java Script Code and apply CSS property ? As we all know that IE browser behaves unexpected in some cases and need some extra CSS property or change in CSS property to work/view perfectly.

Fault Contract in WCF - WCF Service Tutorial

In this article, we will see how to implement Fault Contract in WCF.

Data Contract vs Message Contract in WCF - WCF Service Tutorial

If you are new to Data Contract and Message Contract. Please read my earlier blogs. Data Contract Message in WCF Data Contract has very less control over SOAP message, while Message Contract has full control.

Message Contract in WCF - WCF Service Tutorial

If you are new to WCF Service, please read my earlier blogs. WCF Introduction  and WCF Contracts As we know the default message protocol in WCF is SOAP. Message contract is used to define the SOAP structure.

Query with OData in SharePoint 2013

OData, i.e. Open Data Protocol, which defines a protocol for the querying and updating of data. In this blog, we will see the use of oData in ASP.Net.

What is OAuth?

OAuth stands for Open Authorization for token based authentication and authorization over web. OAuth was first introduced in year 2007. In year 2010 OAuth2.0 was introduced.

How to insert Data using Entity Framework

If you are new to Entity Framework, then read my earlier blog - Introduction to Entity Framework This blog will help you about How to insert data into sql using Entity Framework. I have used Database first model approach.

Introduction to Entity Framework - Entity Framework Tutorial

In my another blog, I have explored about  ASP.Net and ASP.Net Core . In this blog, we will see about Entity Framework. What is Entity Framework? Entity Framework is an object-relational mapping which allows developers to work with relational databases. Entity Framework is an open source framework.