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Angular JS model and controller

Angular JS Model: ng-model directive in Angular JS is use to bind the value of an HTML control to any variable. < div  ng-app ="testApp"  ng-controller ="testCtrl" >     Name:  < input  ng-model ="name" >      < h1 > Hello :  {{name}} < /h1 > < /div >

Google API to authenticate on website using Java Script

In the previous blog, I have explained about How to create App in Facebook and how to authenticate using Java Script Code. In this blog, I will explain how you can use Google API to authenticate users using Google Account and allow them to logged in to your own website. To do this you need to create an App/Project in Google developer dashboard which will allow your website users to authenticate using OAuth.

Razor View and ASPx in MVC

In MVC 5 we have only one way to create View which is Razor View, the file extension of razor view is ".cshtml" But before MVC 5 we had one more option which was ASPX, now in MVC 5 ASPX has been removed and currently, Razor view is available with MVC 5.

My first ASP.Net MVC Program

In all my blog I will be giving example/code in context of Visual Studio 2015. So first create a MVC project in VS 2015.

Introduction to ASP.Net MVC

In this blog, we will know about ASP.NET MVC . This is my first blog on MVC. 

Insert record in database using angular js

In this blog I will explain about how we can save data in SQL database using Angular JS. In this example i have written a web method which is available in .cs file.