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Interface explained in easy steps

Interface is similar to a class but with only declaration and no definition. Below are few code to explain interface in easy steps. Interface member can not have definition. They have only declaration. interface ITest { void Method(); } All members in interface are by default public. No need to add explicit access modifier. interface can not contain fields. In below code int i; expression will throw compile time error. interface ITest { int i; void Method(); } A class can inherit interface. If you compile below code, it will throw error saying - MyClass does not implement interface ITest.Method(); class MyClass:ITest { } Interface allow multiple inheritance property. interface ITest1     {         void Method1();     }     interface ITest2     {         void Medthod2();     }     class MyClass:ITest1, ITest2     {         public void Method1()         {              //Write code         }         public void Medthod2()         {    

How to work with Event Handler step by step in Share Point?

How to work with Event Handler step by step in Share Point? Even handler is executed when some operation occurs in SharePoint site. Suppose you want to add event handler when an item will be added, or item will be deleted from a document library.