Angular Tutorial

Angular is a well known powerful web application framework in use today. To provide a better stability and highly optimized web application, Angular has released multiple versions time to time.

What are AngularJs and Angular?

Angular has a completely rewritten framework, and AngularJS is the very first version of Angular. Some people called it Angular1.x or simply AngularJS.
Angular is one of the popular frameworks for developing fast, maintainable front-end application.

Why it is Angular and not AngularJS?

The first version i.e. AngularJS uses JavaScript as scripting language this is the reason it is called AngularJS.
Angular uses TypeScript.

Below are the topics of Angular Tutorial

1. What is Angular?

2. Angular Versions

3. Angular and Angular JS.

4. Setting up local Development Environment using Visual Studio 2017

5. Building Block of Angular Application

6. Learn and write TypeScript

7. Create Angular App using Angular CLI

8. Directives in Angular

9. Dependency Injection in Angular

10. Data binding in Angular

11. Event Handling in Angular

12. ngIF, ngFor, ngSiwtchCase

13. ngClass and ngStyle

14. ngForm

15. ngModel

16. Form Validation

17. Consuming HTTP Service using Angular

18. Routing in Angular

19. Services in Angular

20. Security in Angular Apps (Authentication and Authorization)

21. Project Setup and Deployment



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