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Welcome to SharePointCafe.Net - A Technical Blog on SharePoint, ASP.Net Programming, and Cloud Computing.

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I am a full-time software developer with having more than 6 years of experience and a part-time blogger. Most of my journey over the years includes - SharePoint, ASP.Net, C#.Net, Cloud Computing. I love programming and eager to find a solution for a problem.

I started this blog in the year 2011, but actively writing for last 2 years with the purpose of sharing my development experience across the globe.

I provide code, theory, solution based on my development experience.
SharePointCafe.Net blog contains SharePoint 2010/2013, ASP.Net Programming problems and solutions. Recently I have started Cloud Computing (Azure and AWS).

I am not the master in all technologies but I love coding, debugging, finding solutions. And these interests motivate me to share my experience with others, a blog is the best way to share your knowledge, thoughts across the globe.

Here you will find SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, ASP.Net Programming, C#, MicroServices and Cloud Computing posts.

I will try to adopt latest technologies and will keep sharing the same.

Thanks for your time, keep reading and supporting my blog.

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