Interview Questions and Answer in ASP.Net

The ASP.Net Questions and Answers available in this blog are helpful for beginners as well as for experienced developers.

Below are the most important interview questions and answers.

  • Introduction to ASP.Net

  • Versions of ASP.Net

  • Life cycle of ASP.Net Page

  • What are CLR, CTS and MSIL

  • What is GAC?

  • What is Garbage Collection?

  • What is Managed Code?

  • Authentication in

  • State Management in ASP.Net

  • Advantages of View State

  • What is Caching?

  • HTTP Handlers vs HTTP Modules

  • What are Cookies?

  • Globalization vs Localization

  • Global.asax file

  • Global Resource File

  • Tracing in ASP.Net

  • User Control vs Custom Control

  • Machine.Config vs Web.config

  • Response.Redirect vs Server.Transfer

  • Exception Handling 

  • Page Directives

  • Post WebPage without scrolling

  • Cross Page Posting

  • What is Postback Property?

  • What is Impersonation?

  • Disable Cookies for an Individual Page

  • What is Data Adapter?

  • DataSet vs DataReader

  • Connection Pooling



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