Interview questions for SharePoint asked in companies

Interview questions for SharePoint asked in companies

Hi everyone,

I am sharing the experience of SharePoint interview.
Here are few questions that were asked in some major companies in SharePoint interview.

1. What is workflow ?
2. How you will access a folder which is inside a document library (using code).
3. Kindly explain Client object model and Server object model in SharePoint.
4. What are the differences between SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.
5. Create a webpart which will allow to upload multiple documents on single     button click.

6. What is sandbox solution ? What is Run with elevated privileges ?
7. How can a backup and restore of Content database will be performed .(No site restore and backup).
8. What are the things that need to be care about SharePoint migration ?
9. Please explain WSS 3.0 features.
10. How you will create a new search service in SharePoint 2010 ?
11. Please describe the web part deployment steps.
12. Please describe the workflow creation in SharePoint designer.
13. How you will create a column in a list with auto generation number?

14. Master page customization.
15. What is event handler ? Please explain with an example.
16. Please explain Search services ?
17. There is a library with 2 fields Assigned To and Due date. If I enter a Due date of 25th October then an email should send to the respective person which is in Assigned To field. How can it be done in SharePoint.
18. How to create a infopath form which should communicate with database using web service.
19. Timer Job
20. Site Template vs Site Definition
21. SharePoint workflow impersonation
22. SPSite vs SPWeb
23. What is Onet.xml file
24. How to retrieve record from multiple list.
25. What is content type?
26. What is the difference between Site and Web?
27. What is SafeControl?
28. What is WebPartManager sealed class?
29. What is createchildcontrols() method?
30. What is content type hub?
31. What is List Threshold?
32. What is List Throtlling?
33. How will you implement impersonation in SharePoint?
34. What is RunWithElevatedPrivileges?
35. What is feature stapling?
36. What is ULS log?
37. SPListIem.Update() vs SPListItem.SystemUpdate()
38. Which one is faster, user control or a web part?



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