Monday, 11 August 2014

How to send email to a user using workflow in SharePoint2010

How to send email to a user using workflow in SharePoint2010

Suppose there is a scenario that when ever you add a new item to a list in SharePoint site immediately an email should be sent to a specific member or user.
Here I will explain this scenario by using SharePoint designer 2010.
Please follow below steps:
1. Open SharePoint site in SharePoint designer.
2. File-New-Workflow 
3. Once the dialog box opened then Enter the name of workflow and then select sharepoint list or library on which you want your workflow to be execute. and click Next.
5. Dont forget to select workflow start option, i.e. whether you want it to be started automatically or manually.
5. From Actions select send an Email.
6. Now click on this message, in the action that appears now.
7. Now in the new dialog box, enter the user email id in To box.
8. Then type a subject in subject box.
9. Now click OK.

Now, you can test your workflow by adding an item in list.

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