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Interview questions for SharePoint asked in companies

Interview questions for SharePoint asked in companies

Hi everyone,

I am sharing the experience of SharePoint interview.
Here are few questions that were asked in some major companies in SharePoint interview.

1. What is workflow ?
2. How you will access a folder which is inside a document library (using code).
3. Kindly explain Client object model and Server object model in SharePoint.
4. What are the differences between SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.
5. Create a webpart which will allow to upload multiple documents on single     button click.

6. What is sandbox solution ? What is Run with elevated privileges ?
7. How can a backup and restore of Content database will be performed .(No site restore and backup).
8. What are the things that need to be care about SharePoint migration ?
9. Please explain WSS 3.0 features.
10. How you will create a new search service in SharePoint 2010 ?
11. Please describe the web part deployment steps.
12. Please describe the workflow creation in Sh…